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Mayor's Updates to Blanco Citizens

Mayor's Update #20: Blanco’s Comprehensive Master Plan Being Reviewed

By Mayor Bruce Peele

In this Update, I’d like to briefly discuss is the City’s effort to update Blanco’s Comprehensive Master Plan.  The current Plan was developed by the Pedernales Electric Cooperative and the Lower Colorado River Authority and was adopted by the City in 2005.  A similar plan, the City’s Texas Community Development Program Planning Study was completed in 2006. Finally, the Texas Historical Commission-supported Visionaries in Preservation Action Plan was finalized in 2007.  These three documents contained a wealth of information and each made dozens of recommendations for how the City should develop.  A common theme among the three plans was a widely-shared desire among Blanco’s citizens to retain the City’s rural heritage and small town charm that makes living here special.  The plans recognized that, given the strategic location of Blanco, almost equidistant from both Austin and San Antonio, development in and around the City is inevitable.  The challenge is how to guide that development in such a manner that Blanco retains its uniqueness and does not become just another suburb of the big cities, another “Anytown, U.S.A.”

All three plans are now almost 10 years old and require updating.  Accordingly, I have asked a small group of Blanco city residents, headed by Planning and Zoning Commission member Martha Herden, to update the Comprehensive Master Plan.  The committee is now reviewing all three plans, updating the statistical information contained therein, and evaluating the degree to which the recommendations made in the plans were implemented and, if not, why not.  It is a big job but we hope to have the updating ready to present with the citizens of Blanco in a community meeting early next year.   In the meeting, we will ask for additional public input and then decide whether a full-fledged revision of the Comprehensive Master Plan is warranted.  

Citizens may view the current Comprehensive Master Plan on-line at  I urge citizens to read the Plan and provide suggestions for improvement either via email to City Hall or during the public meeting to come.