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Mayor's Updates to Blanco Citizens

Mayor's Update #13: Mayor Peele to Host Post-Election Party

By Mayor Bruce Peele

One of the most rewarding things I have found about being Mayor of Blanco is getting to know all the good people we have living in and around our city.  Almost anyone you talk to will tell you that where we live is beautiful, historic, etc., but it is who we live with that really counts.  Blanco is blessed with a very eclectic mix of people, folks from incredibly diverse walks of life with vastly different backgrounds.  The potential for division and dissension is great.  Yet, except for the occasional spat, such as with the Hotel Occupancy Tax money, most people are genuinely friendly and respectful of one another.  In fact, they not only tolerate each other but actually thrive in each other’s company.  That is a powerful testimony to our open minded, welcoming community and a major reason why we all live here.

As everyone knows, Blanco runs off of volunteer effort.  Everything from the Courthouse and Library to the State Park and Good Samaritan depend on volunteers to “get ‘er done.”  The recently concluded Wild Woman Weekend was an entirely volunteer effort.  Large events such as the Lavender Festival, the Real Ale Bicycle Ride, the Classic Car Show and many, many others rely heavily on volunteers to make it happen.

One of our least obvious volunteer groups is also one of our most important.  That is the Blanco City Council.  This five member group of volunteers constitutes the governing body of the City of Blanco and is entrusted by their fellow citizens to make rules and oversee the functioning of the City for the betterment of all.  Unlike other volunteers, however, these must ask for the privilege of serving.  They must be voted in to their volunteer positions by the citizens of Blanco.  They must spend their own money, and/or that of contributors, to get elected.  As these are unpaid positions, they do not do this for the money.  They are motivated by the same volunteer spirit shared widely in the community.  They simply want to make life a little better for their neighbors and keep Blanco the charming, welcoming place it now is.

This Saturday, May 7th, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm, in the Blanco Elementary School Cafeteria, our voters will have a chance to elect three volunteers to serve on the City Council.  We have five good people running for three seats. I urge everyone to get out and cast your ballot.

In celebration of the effort these candidates have shown in volunteering to serve on City Council, I will host a Post-Election Party beginning at 6:30 pm, Election Day, Saturday, May 7th.  We will gather on Ralph and Deborah De Leon’s party deck at their Blanco County Inn on Hwy 281, a couple blocks north of the Square.   We are inviting all the candidates, their families, and friends as well as other serving and former City officials and employees to be there to celebrate this thing called democracy.  Finally, I hope the citizens of Blanco will join in the festivities. Come on down to the Blanco County Inn, and tell all the candidates – win, lose, or draw – that we appreciate their volunteer efforts in being willing to serve on the Blanco City Council.