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Message from the Mayor Pro-Tem

Posted: Sun Feb 21 2021 11:14 AM

I want to give a big thank you to our City staff for all the long hours they have put in so far and the many hours yet to come. A special shout out to Will, Ronnie and Ben who have been out there working every day since the storms first hit. I’ve seen them working in conditions with wind chill below 0 degrees, trying to serve the citizens of this town. Their commitment is immeasurable, and we are lucky to have them in our community. I also want to thank City Council for working together and sharing their ideas and suggestions. It is hard to prepare for situations like this, but we have all worked well together and it’s an honor to serve with you. We need to commend the numerous volunteers that have worked at the water stations and doing several other tasks in our community during this crisis. It was great watching a group of local citizens stocking shelves at Lowes. That is what Blanconians do. We have had overwhelming support from the community, and everyone is doing their best to make it through this.

I do feel I need to say a few words in response to several posts and comments we have been receiving. We have all been frustrated with the situation and I know a few of you have been frustrated with the lack of information being shared. Upset with the fact that we have not given a timeline of when we think we will have water. The truth is that we really do not know when we will be getting water and giving a date or time would be mere speculation and create more frustration. If we say 2 days and it ends up being 4, then everyone would be upset. If we said we have potable water on the way and the delivery fails, then people would be upset. We only want to share facts and actions we can control. It has been my decision to approve all the posts on Facebook and our website and for the first few days there just was not a whole lot of information to share. As CLWSC began communicating more and after hearing from some citizens and other councilmembers, we have made some adjustments to include more information in our posts, but we will still only post the facts and not assumptions. Staff and Council have discussed and explored several options on how to get us water, but in the end, waiting for CLWSC is the best option for the City.

These are tough times, but we will make it through this. Please remember, as Council, we make decisions that we feel are best for all our citizens. Thank you for your support.

God Bless,

Mayor Pro-Tem  

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