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Posted: Tue Mar 31 2020 1:47 PM

As we continue to navigate the course of Covid-19, the City of Blanco is committed to educate, recommend and encourage policies to protect our citizens from further spread of this virus.

It is important that we learn from the policies enacted by our neighboring counties to minimize risk to your employees and customers.

As March 31, 2020, neither the County nor the City of Blanco is under a shelter in place order.  If we begin to utilize best practices within our Essential Critical Infrastructure now, we can minimize risk for the public, our employees and customers while still providing the services that our community relies on.

Currently these are recommended and encouraged policies:

  • 6 Foot Social Distancing.

  • Create “ONE WAY” Isles within your store.  This helps to promote 6 foot social distancing.

  • Hand Sanitizer available at each Entrance/Exit and checkout counters.

  • Sanitary wipes located at entrance/exit to wipe down carts.

  • Sanitary wipes located at check out to wipe down Credit Card Machine and counters before and after use.

  • Limit accessibility to one (1) entrance and one (1) exit when applicable.

  • Wash produce regularly.

  • Request customers to use their own pen or wipe down after use.

  • In some cases, limiting occupancy to 10 may be required.

It is critical that we begin to minimize risk for the public, our employees and customers now.  Businesses should begin adapting their operations to limit physical contact within the workplace by employing a host of hygiene and social distancing best practices. 

Your services are considered Essential Critical Infrastructure Services by our Government, which means you will continue your operations through whatever uncertainty we all may face in the near future, to include Shelter in Place, should that ever be enacted.

City of Blanco
Office of Code Compliance
Will Daves


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