Stage 1 Water Restrictions
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Notice of Additional Water Restrictions for City Departments and Entities

Posted: Fri Jun 8 2018 1:08 PM

To: All City of Blanco Departments and Entities
From: Public Works Director - Ronnie Rodriguez

On June 4, 2018, the City of Blanco imposed Stage 1 Water Restrictions to our customers as outlined in the approved Drought Management Plan.  The Plan states that upon implementation of Stage 1 restrictions that all operations of the City of Blanco shall adhere to water use restrictions prescribed for Stage 2 of the plan.

In order to set a leading example, and do our part in water conservation, Mayor Herden has ordered the following additional provisions to be applied to all City of Blanco operations for non-essential water use:

  • Discontinued flushing of water mains and hydrants.
  • Discontinued irrigation of all public landscaped areas.
  • Prohibited use of water to wash vehicles, trailers, boats, etc.
    (commercial car washes allowed as needed)
  • Prohibited use of water for non-essential activities to include dust control, fountains, washing of sidewalks, streets, or public access areas.

Please know that all of the prohibitions listed above have stipulations that are clearly outlined in the Drought Management Plan that can allow for such use, if needed, upon Mayor approval when general public health and safety is concerned.  Feel free to contact me with any questions that may arise or if you need a copy of the approved Drought Management Plan.