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Blanco Historic Preservation Commission

The HPC shall be responsible for hearing and making recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

  1. Historic District Designation
  2. Certificate of Historic Design Compliance 

The HPC has the following additional duties:

  1. To act and assist the City in formulating design guidelines and other supplemental materials relevant to historic preservation or design review. 
  2. To render advice and guidance, upon request of the property owner, its authorized agent, or occupant, on new construction or restoration, alternation or maintenance of any historic resource or other building within the District; and
  3. To perform any other functions requested by the City Council

From the City of Blanco Unified Development Code - Pages 58-59

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Roxanne Sorrell


Hollis Boatright

Vice Chair

Wendy Cambridge

Pamela Capps

Billie Jean Kutzer

Gail McClellan

Rudy Nino

Historic Preservation Officer

Wayne Gosnell

Advisor - Night Skies

Jo Nell Haas

Advisor- Historian

Retta Martin

Advisor- Historian